all about & contact

Hi!!! I’m Julien PASSEMARD, and my friends call me Jude(it’s much cooler)!
I’m a motion generalist. That, means that I usually work with the largest set of tools 2D, 2.5D,  3D  to complete my video jobs.
That gives me a lot of freedom and flexibility (as long as you let me have it :P), and … reduces a lot costs of productions!!! (tadaaaa) = “bueno bonito y barato”
I often work alone but I really (like really really) love to teamwork with a base graphist and artistic or commercial direction.
And I’m passionate! I mean you’re not motion grapher and aim to billion your life !!!
So, I welcome any kind of project and loOove to work for people that believe in what they’re doing.
I have a graphist, web designers, and musicians network I often work with.
I also have those side projects here. Those are much more “arty” and quite obscure…

I hold a diploma in Linguistics, and one in Communication and Information Sciences, more specialized in audiovisual and cinema production, from the I.S.I.C (Institut des Sciences de l’Information et de la Communication ) 1998 , Bordeaux, France.
I spent some times in production offices, then on shooting sets and went on live tour as VJ with the Daft crew band The Eternals (diamondtraxx records) .
In 2001, I moved to Barcelona to begin to work as a motion grapher and produce fashion catalogues shootings for Hong-Kong based Fiorucci, Joy&Peace, and Mirabell footwear.
But after a bit more than 10 years I started to be fed up with blue skies and palm trees and decided to come back HOME, in Bordeaux!

I have a passion for graphic arts, cerebral distortions, neurosciences, sitting_here_and_think, indie cinema and FC Barcelona (I mean… Messi, seriously!!)
I do some music but you don’t want to hear it, and I am bodyboard rider since I was 9 or so. So ocean is kind of a big deal to me!

_ and that’s it!! So now we’re best friends , aren’t we??